Recomputability 2014 will take place on Thursday 11 December in the Hobart Room at the Hilton London Paddington hotel; please check the full UCC 2014 programme.

Time Session
11:00-11:15 Welcome and Introduction to Recomputability 2014
11:15-11:45 Scientific Workflow Repeatability through Cloud-Aware Provenance by Khawar Hasham, Kamran Munir, Jetendr Shamdasani and Richard McClatchey
11:50-12:20 Emulation-as-a-Service: Workflows and Infrastructure to Support Recomputable Science by Dennis Wehrle, Thomas Liebetraut, Isgandar Valizada and Klaus Rechert
12:25-12:55 Experience of Its First Year and Lessons Learned by Ian Gent and Lars Kotthoff
13:00-13:45 LUNCH
13:45-14:15 “Share and Enjoy”: Publishing Useful and Usable Scientific Models by Tom Crick, Benjamin A. Hall, Samin Ishtiaq and Kenji Takeda
14:30-15:30 Panel Session on recomputabilty and reproducibility: what are the next steps?
15:30-15:50 COFFEE

The workshop Twitter hashtag is #recomp14; you can also follow the workshop co-chairs: @DrTomCrick and @npch.

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